Millenial and entrepreneur. I am a sports and video game enthusiast. Skiing is my passion. As a Business Management graduate, I decided to start my own video game studio. Pupgam Studios was born in 2014 and lasted four years under my direction until I chose to disassociate myself from it. Now I am very excited about this new game. I completely changed my approach into video game making for this new project. In other words, I learned to "not to be". 
"Not to be" a video game designer but instead creating the GDD, "not to be" a designer but instead taking care of all UX/UI, "not to be" a simple producer but instead produce my own game, "not to be" a simple programmer but program all the game in C#. I tried to take care of everything by myself in a self-taught way controlling every single aspect of the game on my own.