Hello hello helloooo

I am so excited to start this blog on my website because I would like to know the opinion of you guys if the kind of project that I am working on likes or not.

Well, first of all, my name is Marc, I am from Barcelona (Spain), and if you have a minute, I am going to explain quickly in just a couple of sentences what I have been doing until these days.

Basically, when I finished my studies (Business Management), I went London to learn English, and I was there near a year working in a shop, after that, I decided to start with a new business in the video games sector due I love games. So, 1st of January 2014, I founded the company Pupgam Studios without any knowledge about the process to create from scratch to release day a video game. Weee lost a lot of time trying, making a lot of mistakes and trying again to create the first game (Bubble Pop Guriko). And I invested a lot of money to build a small infrastructure for the business, with Pupgam, we developed and released more than 18th casual games. I was under the direction as a CEO from my company during near four years where I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things about management in the different departments like art, dev or marketing departments.

Until 1st of September 2017, when I decided to do a change and quit my business. I started to learn using youtube videos tutorials and forums, programming and drawing by myself to work exclusively on my project.

At this point, I am using C-sharp in Unity to create this 2D indie game and drawing all by hand using Illustrator and Photoshop. Also for the animations, I am using Anima2D, creating and importing all the bones and key points to mould the character.

So, nowadays I am working (always in my free time) in this project named Twintip. It would be a game of freestyle and freeride going in ski or snowboard; there will be jumps, tricks and crushes. And my idea is to create a new awesome game although it is going to be in 2D. (maybe for the future we have the luck to play it in 3D). 


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