Twintip Ski Game

Twintip Ski is the first indie solo Arcade - Racing Sports Video game developed by Marc Cervera. The video game is about skiing, where the player plays with a side on view and has to complete the tracks doing jumps, spins, flips and tricks. There are until four goals to achieve and get the total of stars. So players can gain additional score points for performing tricks in the air, or grinding. Players have to ride their way through levels which continuously increases in difficulty while performing insane and impressive tricks combinations.

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Discover a new freestyle & freeride ski and snow game developed in 2D interactive concept art by an enthusiast of this sport.

180º.., 360º.., 720º.., 1080º.., or a backflip?

More than 15 different tricks available which can be used individually or in combos. Take your rider to the limit using your devices accelerometer to control directions. It will make a great difference.


Have a blast grinding over snowpark objects, rails, snowplough machines or even jump over helicopters!
Be careful not to run into them it will be Game Over!


Nobody has time to climb to the highest peaks... We shall rather fly a helicopter to conquer the highest mountains and enjoy a fast freeride downhill. It will not be easy! Be careful with the cliffs.


We need your help to improve and make this game a 10/10. If you are interested in becoming a tester please get in touch with us so we can provide you with a free version of the game. Your feedback will be more than welcomed. Help us be better!

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